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HetaliaXUnnoticed!Reader- Ch. 15 [FINAL]

***Your POV***

     About two years have passed since the whole car accident event. Now, everything was back to normal... well, as normal as it possibly get, you supposed.

     Not long after you had gotten out of the hospital had your parents put you into a physical and mental therapy class, and you had to admit, you needed it.
     They helped you as your arm and rib healed, and also preformed memory tests, so that you would remember anything that you hadn't noticed you forgotten after the amnesia.
     The mental therapy helped mostly with the depression that you received from thinking about Tino. They had said that you had something close to post dramatic stress disorder, and that's what caused the reoccurring dreams of the shooting event. Although, after only a few months, maybe six or seven, they had you back on track to your normal self, but you hadn't forgotten about Tino by a long shot.
     After the therapy, you visited the cemetery where he had been buried almost every week, bringing flowers, and stories, along with you. Most times you would sit there, telling the stories as you imagined Tino sitting right next to you. And you swore that every time you did that, you could sense that Tino was actually there.
     And you decided yourself that he was there, and he was always there with you, even when you were in the car accident. He had helped you survive.

     Aside from visiting Tino's eternal resting place, you started going back to school after about a few months – since you had to go to physical therapy before you could go back.
     At first, everyone seemed to be avoiding you, unsure if they should ask how you were doing, since it might bring back some kind of bad memories. Eventually though, more and more people started gradually talking to you again. You had even made new friends, and a new best-friend (don't tell Starr) named Emil – apparently, he was Tino's cousin and Lucas's half brother.

     And even though you had the knew friends, you also had those same old ones that you loved dearly.
     Once you had came home from the hospital, they had all threw you and Ivan a huge "Welcome Home" party.
     You could remember the day perfectly; Ludwig and Feliciano had baked your favorite cake, Francis, Sadiq, and Yao had made your favorite gourmet dishes, Roderich had been playing a beautiful melody on his violin when you had walked in, and Gilbert, Mathias, and Antonio had entertained you with jokes – mostly ones that were told by Toni, which basically just made fun of and embarrassed Lovino. Plus so many more close friends were there as well. (Including Felix, who had picked out a bunch of bright, pink decorations, even though Toris tried to talk him out of it.)
     You and Ivan, along with Alfred, Arthur, Starr, Irina, and Natalia, had no idea that the party was even planned. And when Arthur asked how they had even gotten into your house, with both of your parents on business trips and no one to let them in, you started feeling a bit freaked out.
     In the end, though, Heracles had been the one to let them all in. You had totally forgotten you had given him a spare key a few years back.

     Following that event, Irina, Starr, and a few other of your friends which were girls, decided that they should set you up on a blind date, even though you really didn't want to. But they made you do go anyway.
     When you met the guy, you were surprised he had many things in common with you – he was also slightly good-looking.
     Your relationship had been going great for about three months. You had truly loved the guy.
     Then, one day, while he was in the bathroom, he had left his phone out where you could see and hear it. You weren't planning on looking at it until a few texts had popped up moments between each other, causing the phone to make several annoying beeping sounds. You were just going to shut off the phone, when another text came in, causing it to pop up on the screen. Your glanced upon it, not expecting the text to say, "so what time should we meet up babe?," but then again, it was for the best.
     As soon as the jerk got out of the bathroom, you had kicked his no-good ass out of your house.
     But once he was gone, you couldn't help but cry. You had thought that he was the one for you, but you were wrong.

     Not long after that day though, Alfred had admitted – and realized – that he loved you. This, of corse, made Arthur a bit angry, because he had loved you too – apparently more, as he put it.
     Sad as it was, you realized that you couldn't date either of them because they were more like brother figures to you.
     Arthur, who understood completely, let it go quickly and still stayed one of your most super-close friends. On the other hand, Alfred couldn't stand the fact that he couldn't have you, so it took him a bit longer to get over it, but soon enough he became just like Arthur, and sometimes called you his "lil' sister". This didn't bug you one bit.
     But one time, both Arthur and Alfred had an argument on who you loved more, the argument getting so heated that they came to you and asked.
     With that, you just laughed and answered, "Isn't it obvious?" That's when you pulled Matthew next to you, kissing his square on the lips, "I love Matthew more." 
     After that, both Alfred and Arthur had shut up about that matter – not to mention Matthew was blushing nonstop for the next week when he even looked at you.
     Either way, your plan had worked the way you had wanted it to.

     Now, here you were, sitting in your bedroom, listening to music while staring up at the ceiling, reminiscing about your crazy life.
     Sure, your lives had it's ups and downs, but in reality, who's didn't?

     You sat up from your bed and walked to the window. Outside, the late-spring sun was slowly setting, while crickets chirped, and so did a bird that was perched on your windowsill. It sat there alone, no other bird next to it. It was unnoticed.
     Suddenly, the bird flew away, and you looked up and saw why. In azure, violet, and red stained sky, was a flock of birds, which the one bird joined joyfully.

     You smiled. You realized, that that once unknown bird, was just like you.

      It wasn't alone, and neither were you, nor would you ever be in the many years to come. You were no longer the shy, naive, and unnoticed girl you once were. Oh no, definitely not...

     You were fully noticed, and loved, and you knew that for a fact.

     You had finally found your place, with people who truly cared.


Final chapter :3
I honestly feel like it ended too soon, but I had to end it eventually. Plus I have more ideas for even better readerinserts :D

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Me: This story is awesome!  You should make an alternate ending!
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Nice ending with Mathew- BUT TINO- I COULD NOT EVEN DEAL WITH ANYONE-  NOPE! But this series was pretty cool!
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