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November 29, 2013
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HetaliaXUnnoticed!Reader- Ch.4

     "Hello?! [Name]! Are you home?" Starr shouted into your opened doorway. You had most likely forgotten to close the door as you came in... Again...

     "Yeah! I'm in my room!" you replied.

     "Hey, [Name], is it okay if I let my friend in?!" Starr asked. She knew that you would say yes, so that's why she brought them over even if she hadn't asked yet. At the moment, they were still outside beside the doorway.

     "Uh, yeah, which friend? Like, is it someone I know?" You asked.

     "Mmm, probably not. I'll introduce them to you when I get up there!" Starr answered. She then poked her head out the doorway. "You can come in now."

*Meanwhile upstairs*

     "Ow! Stupid hair!" You shouted to yourself. Right when you had gotten home, you ran right into the shower and scrubbed your [hair color] hair until all the gravy was out, (It took about an hour) and now, you were attempting to brush out your hair, which of course was tangled up in knots so badly, you considered cutting it off at the moment.

     "Stupid Mathias, stupid Gilbert, stupid gravy..." You mumbled to yourself until you heard voices and footsteps coming up the stairway.

     "So wait, let me get this straight... You threw potatoes and gravy into a chick's hair without me?!"
     "It's your fault you didn't come to school frau! You missed all zhe awesomeness."
     "And Mathias helped you? And who was the girl?! Was it some snobbish chick?"
     "Ja, Mathias helped, but I vould be surprised if he still had a head! And as for zhe girl, I have no idea who it was! Kesesese~"

     At this point, you were standing in the doorway of your bedroom. You weren't armed with anything, sadly, because the only weapon you wanted at the moment was either your own nails, or a machete, which you did not own, so nails it was.

     "Oh, uh, hey [Name], this is Gilb-"
      "I know who he is..." You glared daggers at Gilbert, who was trying to act all slick by leaning against the stair rail, well, until he saw you.

     "Ah, um, look at zhe time! I have to get going..." Gilbert quickly tried to get away from you, but you grabbed at the back collar of his shirt and pulled him back, choking him to a severe degree.

     "I'm going to kill you now... Any last words?" You were letting out an aura that made even you go 'oh shit' once you sensed it. But because of your strong urge to choke Gilbert to death, you just totally ignored it.
     "AAAAH!!! Please don't kill me!!" Gilbert begged, your creepy aura getting the best if him.

     "Woah, woah, woah! Hold it! You put potatoes and gravy into [Name]'s hair didn't you?" Starr asked, clearly trying to understand the situation and atmosphere.

     "Ja! And I'm sorry! Don't let her kill me frau!" Gilbert begged. You were still hanging onto the back of his shirt with a killer grip.

     "Hmmm... Let me think about it for a minute..." Starr pretended to be in deep thought, which made you crack a small smile.

     "Pleeeease!" Gilbert kept begging.

     "Hmmm... Okay, you can't kill him [Name]. The cops would eventually find his corpse and suspect you." Starr pointed out in a smart alec way.

     You rolled your eyes. "I guess your right, but can I still injure him? Just a little bit..."

     "Nein!!" Gilbert forcefully pulled away from you and swatted your hands away from him. "Zhere will be no injuring the awesome me! And look, [Name] right? I really am sorry, I vas aiming for Francis in zhe first place. It just so happened to hit you... Vhich vas still pretty hilarious..."

     You glared at Gilbert again, which got him back on track with his apology.

     "Anyvay, forgive me?" Gilbert asked, probably not wanting to be your enemy now that he saw that you were quite capable of murder.

     You crossed your arms over your chest again, and looked away from Gilbert stubbornly. "Fine... You can tell Mathias I forgive him too..."

     "If he's still alive." Gilbert butted in.

     Starr stood there, feeling slightly awkward. "Hey! Let's all go downstairs and watch some tv! I bet [[fav show other than Hetalia]] is on [Name]!" Starr ran downstairs, skipping the last to steps before the landing.

     Gilbert looked up at you nervously, obviously not to sure if he wanted to go down the stairs before you and risk getting pushed down them. In the end though, you just sighed and went first, Gilbert not too far behind you.

~~~Time skip to later that night~~~

   Starr and Gilbert had already left your house by now. Actually, they had left about three hours ago.

     "Gah! I'm so tired!" You moaned as you flopped onto your big comfy bed. You didn't want to really sleep, but you knew that you had to go to school tomorrow, which wasn't at all a pleasant thought.


     Someone had rung your doorbell right when you were about to get under your covers and get to sleep. How nice of them.

     You got up and wobbled down the stairs. Usually, your mom or dad would get the door, but your dad was on a business trip and you mom had the night shift at her job tonight, so it was just you.

    You opened the door with a groggy look on your face. "Who are you and what do you want?" You asked, rubbing your sleep deprived eyes as you yawned.

     "I'm sorry to bother you at this time, but I was wondering if you had seen my cat?"

     Your eyes widened as you realized who the owner of the smooth, calm voice was who stood before you. You looked up at him. A.k.a Heracles, one of the boys from your school, one of the quieter ones. He had been your neighbor for almost three years. You and him used to talk, but of course, that stopped too. Now you just talked occasionally.

     "Oh, hello Heracles. No, I haven't seen your cat anywhere. Did he get out again?" You asked.

     Heracles nodded, looking at you with deep green eyes. "Yes. I figured since he usually comes here when he runs away, that he would be here now. I guess I was mistaken."

     You nodded understandingly. "Okay. Well, I'll keep an eye out. Goodnight Heracles."

     Heracles smiled, "Thank you. Goodnight to you too, [Name]." Heracles turned around and started walking down your porch steps as you gently shut the door and locked it.

     You sighed and walked to your back door that led to your patio. Turning on the patio light, you searched around your garden, until you spotted a little ball of grey fur under one of your bushes.

     Strolling over to the slumbering cat, you pushed the leaves out of the way and grabbed him. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why do you keep wondering away from home?" The cat just purred in your arms, not even fazed in his sleep from you picking him up. "I pretty much just lied to Heracles, y'know? I'll give you back in the morning though, I don't want to go around bothering him right now."

     You walked back into your house and shut the back door and switched off the patio light. You then just went straight upstairs to your bed, and instantly fell asleep, with Heracles's cat purring in his sleep atop your chest.



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