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September 22, 2013
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The New Girl: HetaliaXReader Ch.10

   You kept running deeper into the park, near the back where your favorite tree was. You always went to that tree when you wanted to get away from things and relax.

   By now, the sun had set, and a few nighttime bugs chirped noisily. You turned your head, making sure Ludwig and Feliciano weren't right behind you, but you did hear them calling your name far in the distance. They wouldn't find you though, unless they went through a few shrubs and walked off the main path through the small wooded area that led to your tree.

   You slowed your pace as you came closer to the tree. When you got there, you sat in the ground, leaning against the side of the tree trunk. You sighed, the started humming (f/song). You got about halfway through the song when you heard a deeper humming, becoming a harmony to the melody. You stopped, your (e/c) eyes wide with alert. Then the deeper harmonic humming stopped. 

   "W-who's there?" You stumble over your words, finding it hard to find them. "Hm?" The slightly deeper voice questioned. "Oh! It's only me, poppet!" 

   You froze, then let out a deep breath. It was only Arthur. "Arthur? Is that you? Come on! Stop messing with me!" You felt a a light tap on your shoulder. You spun around, almost having a heart attack. "No, no, love~ I'm not that stern ol' Arthur! I'm Oliver! I'm much more... mmm... interesting, I guess you would say." 

   You gaped at the Brit in front of you, who sounded, and looked almost just like Arthur, but his characteristics and his attitude just didn't match. 

   "So~" you jumped as you heard another voice lurking in the shadows. This voice sounded familiar too, it was Alfred's voice...
The American started talking again, "whatcha doin' out here so late at night? There are some really bad people around here, ya know?"

   "A-Alfred?" Suddenly, a rough hand was brought to your mouth, and a large wooden bat studded with nails was brought in front of your face, you could see it was coated in dried blood. "That's wrong doll...I swear if I ever hear that name again, I'm gonna beat someone upside the head!" Oliver looked over to the one who hand the bat. "Al, don't be so rude to our guests! She hasn't even had one of my cupcakes yet!"

   Al sniggered. "No one wants one of your cupcakes you ass." Al mumbled. A sadistic smile played along Oliver's lips. "Let go of the girl Al and stand up~" Al did what he was told. "Okay? Why?" That's when Oliver took out a kitchen knife, and pinned Al to the tree, holding the knife to his face.

   This is when you took the chance to run, run away from the crazies. You were running, looking down at the ground, making sure you wouldn't trip, but then you ran into a rather tall, familiar figure. You freeze still looking at the ground. "Ivan! Please tell me that's you!" You slowly looked up and saw that this guy looked like Ivan, but had darker hair, a black coat, and a not-so-friendly face that had upon it ruby red eyes. 

   The Ivan imposter didn't even snigger or smirk at your failure of guessing, he just stood there with a grim face, no smile being portrayed like the real Ivan. "You are very wrong malen'kiy." You gasped as he brought out a bloodied pipe. "Now hold still..." The Russian brought back his pipe, ready to swing it, ready to hit you. You couldn't move because of terror overwhelming you. Luckily, someone swiped you out of the way before the pipe could make an impact. 

   Your savior grabbed your hand and pulled you through many shrubs of the forest, that led to an open field. You just stared at the back of your savior's head, which was hooded by a navy blue hoodie. "W-who are you?" You asked, but you were scared for what the reply would be. That was until a familiar wavy haired blonde with violet blue eyes looked back at you. 

   "It's me ma chère... I knew t'at t'is was all a 'orrible idea. So I came after you." You stared at Francis in awe. "How did you know where to find me? As in, through the woods and shrubs." Francis smiled. "I used to go t'ere too."

   You didn't really hear Francis's last phrase, because you were to focused on four, no, six figures up ahead, one of which was fighting with another, and another one which was being held by the collar of the neck by another. "oh merde!" Exclaimed Francis. "What?" You questioned, causing yourself to stop running and trip over you own two feet, which also caused Francis to fall. 

   One of the six figures walked over and pick Francis up by his shirt. The man who picked Francis up frowned even more than he already had been and took the lit cigarette out of his mouth, and let a puff of smoke escape to Francis's face. Francis coughed from the smoke, then spat onto his look alike.

   The man with the cigarette released Francis to wipe the spit off his face, and with that lucky chance, Francis gave one good punch to his lookalike's head, and he was out. 

   Looking back over at the other five, you could see Ludwig and Feli. Ludwig had just knock out his opponent, and was now fighting with a man that had sunglasses and wavy blonde hair pulled back into a short pony tail. Feliciano was the one being held captive by someone who looked just like his, although his complexion was slightly darker, and he looked much tougher.

   You and Francis ran towards them, you now felt your fighting skills kicking in. You ran up to the man who was holding Feli, and gave him an uppercut to the jaw. At this he released Feli, staggering back aways, but that's when he brought out a dagger. "Lutz! Get up you stupido bastardo!" The Italian shouted to the one who was knocked out because of Ludwig. But the man on the ground didn't even flinch. 

   "Fine." The Italian muttered, then threw the dagger at Feliciano. Luckily for Feli he had cowered down and so the dagger missed him completely. You had to laugh at this. The angered Italian glared at you, along with a look of confusion. "What's so funny!?" You kept laughing. "You fail at using a dagger dude!" 

   The Italian just stared at you, probably thinking, 'did she just seriously say that?'.

   All of a sudden, you heard an engine and a slightly high-pitched horn beeping. The next thing you knew, a wild golf cart drives though the shrubs, hitting the evil Italian. 

   You were portraying your natural 'WTF!?' face when then you heard a familiar obnoxious laugh. 

   "HAHAHAHAH! The hero has saved the day!" An ecstatic Alfred hopped out of the driver's side of the golf cart while a freaked out Matthew was hanging on to anything he could grab for his dear life. "B-but just hit a person!" Matthew stuttered. Alfred shrugged. "So? It was only Luciano anyway, and he's a crazy dagger throwing dude so yeah...I'm totally fine with it!" Matthew facepalmed.

   "How did you get passed Al and Oliver?" You asked, remembering them and the smell of cake batter and dried blood. Alfred just smiled. "Oh, them? Yeah, I hit them too!" 

   Suddenly you heard a gunshot, then a blood curdling scream. You looked over in Ludwig's direction and saw that Ludwig had a gun in hand, and saw that he had shot the guy with the ponytail and sunglasses in the foot. 

   Ludwig panted. "Let's go! Ve got to get out of here!" At that, everyone got onto the golf cart. It was a tight fit but it still worked. As you were driving back through the forest to get home you realized something. "Hey, Alfred? What did you do about Ivan's doppelgänger?" Alfred seemed to get tense. "Eh... what?" 

   You looked through the forest, and once you saw another figure, you smirked at who it was. "I'll see you later sunflower!" A smiling Ivan was standing there, holding his beaten up lookalike by his scarf, while Ivan didn't have a single scratch. You waved, "okay Ivan!"

   You turned back around in your seat, as you exited the wooded area. 

I now realize I have no idea how to end this story...but I'll find away! The hero always finds a way! :iconamericaapprovesplz:

:EDIT: and if you have any questions about the random Italian/Russian/French I put in the story, you can just ask me to translate :D

Ch10. you're here
Ch12. coming soon
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